Why Is Hair Dye Not Effective in Removing Lice?


You may have come across many hair dye products that promise to rid you of your lice problem. Lice, those nasty parasites that suck on your vital fluid, can be very frustrating. They cause you to scratch your head constantly and, if allowed to persist, they can even lead to hair fall. If you have this problem, then you need to take care of it immediately, but will hair dye kill lice? Is it a good enough method to curb this infestation?

People who are using hair dye to kill lice have reported that they get great benefits initially. As soon as the dye is applied, the scratching immediately stops. They feel better and confident enough to go about their daily tasks. So, should you also give up on all other methods and go for hair dye to take care of your problem? Well, the answer to that is a resounding NO.

Hair dye, while it can be very effective on adult lice and even kill them, the fact is that they cannot take care of the problem for good.

We have to understand how hair dye works. Hair dye has a neurotoxin in it, which aims directly at the nervous system of the lice. It deadens the nervous system and kills the lice. When you wash your hair immediately after the treatment, you will actually see the dead bodies of the lice being washed away with the water.

But, while this method works for the adult lice, it is a big failure in killing the nits, i.e. the newly laid eggs of the lice. These nits are embedded deep into the scalp so that they don’t fall off, and they don’t have a nervous system yet. Since they don’t have a nervous system at all, the neurotoxin cannot kill them.

That’s the reason why the problem recurs. When the nits grow older, which is only a matter of a couple of days, your lice problem will be back, and you will probably be tempted to go back for another treatment.

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