Tim Kavermann and his graphic design Auckland solutions

Tim Kavermannn is an Auckland based graphic designer by trade and by design.

He had a spark for graphic design Auckland solutions to respond effectively to the challenges being faced by many businesses, NGOs and similarly individualistic men and women like himself. His good nature told him that he wanted to help everyone.

To do that, he started his own graphic design company. He started Fuel Media Ltd. This became the beginning of the end of people’s inability to project themselves more noticeably to the world around them.     His solutions, to start with, were convincing. After all, Tim Kavermann, by starting his own company, knew full well that he was going to be able to relate to all those that he reached out to.

Another convincing entrée to Tim’s unique approach to doing business and getting results is that he lives, breathes and eats graphic design. It was what he was born to do. Graphic design and its convincing results, as he would go on to shape and mould them, became his calling.

He now takes his unique approach to doing business and making creative waves on behalf of those he only wants to help a step further. He could very well have been sitting in front of his sketch pad and asked the old question; why be normal.

Tim says he relates well to those who, as he puts it, think outside of the box. He believes in playing by the rules but is a firm exponent of pushing new boundaries to elevate people and companies above pretentiousness and the grey area of simply being normal.

One last thought on pushing boundaries in graphic design. Never accept what others say can’t be done. Simply do it your way. Tim Kavermann is.

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