Round the clock maintenance is required

Electrical faults can occur at any point of time and hence the electricians have to be ready to offer their services round the clock. This is a full time job which requires immense amounts of concentration. Any slip on their part could result in loss of precious lives. They should know which wire carries the input current and which carries the output. Cutting and joining the wrong set of wires could result in a bad accident. This explains why the wires of different colors are used in any electrical appliance. Be it a new building or an existing house, these electricien versailles are always ready to lend a helping hand. They are available round the clock and are just one phone call away from an emergency. It is always seen that electrical problems surface at the most odd hours and the electrician should be available at such times.

Electrical installations are complex and difficult to understand. In these days of concealed wiring it is always advisable to have a map ready so that one could be able to identify the fault correctly. In the absence of a map one may have to work on a trial and error basis which not only takes time but could also result in incorrect diagnosis of the problem. This is why every house is now fitted with a fuse box or a circuit breaker in every room so that one could be able to identify exactly where the fault lies. Incorrect wiring too could result in more load being borne by a single phase and could result in a blackout. Hence one should see that the load is equally distributed among all the phases. Every resident must be educated about the optimum usage of electric current and explained that wastage of electricity is an abuse of national property.

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