Know the basis of RV maintenance

Winters can be severe in parts of the United States. Heavy snowfall can take a toll of your vehicles parked in the open. Usually people park their small cars inside apartment complexes and garages. It is only the heavy duty trucks, campers and the RV’s which are parked out in the open. They have to face the brunt of the snow and rain. There are certain precautions to be taken for preparing your RV for winter storage. The RV storage units have trained professionals who do these jobs but it is the duty of every RV owner to know the basics. Washing your RV is a tough job as there are places where the conventional tubes do not reach. You should know which are the moving parts in your RV and should lubricate them as often as possible. The tyres should be covered otherwise they become heavily laden with snow and it becomes difficult to remove the snow from the tyre grooves. The RV itself should be covered fully with a breathable trap cover. The insides of the RV should use moisture absorbent material as molds can form on the leather seat covers and steering wheel covers.

You should know how to disconnect the propane tanks as the gas in the tanks get affected during extreme winters. You should ensure that perishable items and valuables are removed from the RV’s. Pests can be nuisance and hence adequate proofing should be done. Be aware of the cost factor when you choose a storage unit for parking your RV. The cost depends upon the size of the RV. The bigger the RV, the more expensive is the parking cost. Some facilities are available free when one becomes a frequent user. They include valet parking, washing and checking tyre pressure, sewage dumping and battery charging among others.

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