Kayla Itsines Review, Keep Exercising!

Despite everything we know about benefits of physical activity, it is sometimes hard to make yourself move. Some people say in Kayla Itsines Review that this plan was the first one to really motivate them. Kayla also writes about sticking to a plan on her blog.

She remembers her readers that every exercise is better than nothing so you do not have to do it the best you can and not feeling very strong is not a reason to skip workout alltogether.


As many studies have shown and some people will confirm from their own experience, doing something you are not used to requires willpower while activities that are a part of your routine are not hard to do. So Kayla recommends to be consistent and one day, exercise will be just a part of your everyday life you will do without persuading yourself and fighting with temptation to do something easier instead.

Telling others strengthens you decision as well and enables them to encourage you. For most people, support from others is a very powerful tool that keeps them making effort.

Although it is not recommended to photograph yourself during exercise, comparing your pictures taken in regular intervals can prove you that your plan is working and this is an additional motivation to continue. Beware: you should compare your new self to your old self, not to anyone else! Others might look better or do more due to better predispositions and if you think there is something wrong with you because you are behind them, you can become discouraged.

Since exercise is so important, it should be a no-brainer. Make it a priority in your plans: instead of saying you cannot work out due to other duties, say you cannot do something else because you have to work out!

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