Get the Best Subway Surfers Cheats

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular endless action games in the world. The game features three major characters, a teenager, a police inspector, and the inspector’s dog. Subway Surfers begins with the teenager having vandalized a train, which causes the inspector to chase after him. The objective is for the teenager to keep running away from the inspector. Subway Surfers is even more enjoyable when players access subway surfers cheats and other helpful tips about the game.

There are a number of great cheats for Subway Surfers. For example, players can get access to a free Miami-Special Board. While using the jetpack, there is a glitch in the game that results in abnormally high jumps. By changing the date and time on their mobile devices, players can access different special characters, settings and missions. For example, setting the date to April 1st, 2014 unlocks the Rosa character and her prickly hoverboard.

Subway Surfers is very simple in its objectives, but those tasks are not always easy to complete. Simply running away from the inspector and avoiding the obstacles at the location is challenging. Even the slightest slip up by the player results in the game finishing. This is why getting high scores is so challenging and enjoyable. Players must also remember to grab all the gold coins they see on their journey, because these coins lead to more points, mystery boxes and unlocked characters or items.

All of the selectable characters in Subway Surfers have the same attributes, but they differ in their appearance and accessories. If players are bored of playing the original game, they should strive to unlock new characters and accessories. In addition, Subway Surfers has a number of special editions with real-life locations. For example, there are New York City, Sao Paolo, Mexico City, Rome: Egg Hunt, Sydney and Greece special editions.

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