Advertising Through Telephone

Call center operator with headset and business team

Singapore is one of the most advanced Asian countries as far as technology is concerned. Most people have a mobile phone so telemarketing is a big part of Internet marketing Singapore. Advertisers collect telephone data to call or text potential customers; a widespread way of doing this is to request the phone number at a purchase or in an application form at contests. They call them live or use recorded messages, so called Ā»robocallsĀ«. Intention of those calls can be marketing or market research.

Telemarketing undoubtedly brings huge profits. However, frequent calls and messages can be annoying. They may disturb working process or wake people up at night. Therefore, it is fair to implement restriction on when and how often marketers can reach to subscribers. In many countries, it is illegal to source telephone numbers for this purpose without users’ permission and mobile phone companies must offer tools that block robocalls. People must have an option to tell companies that already have their number not to call them. This kind of marketing has also been criticized for high-pressure techniques and a big number of scams spread this way.

Some companies sue forums that encourage people to complain against marketing calls at inconvenient times. But maybe it would be better for them to read customers’ opinions and respect their wishes. They would gain more trust from them by doing so and more purchases would follow.

Despite the massive gains, many marketers resign after few months because calling people all day is so stressful. Not everyone is a good marketer; you have to believe in the product or service you are selling. Only an enthusiastic caller will recruit a noteworthy number of customers. This is even harder if you feel under pressure so managers undermine their own profits by setting to high standards for their employees. As we can see, telemarketing is full of opportunities and traps.

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